About us

“The Trampoline'' was started by colleagues Raghavi, Rukaiya, and Srada with a vision to create a brand that caters to everyday wardrobe needs of men and women. The Trampoline stands at an interesting intersection of traditional & innovative, classic & contemporary.

“Joy acts like a trampoline, everything that touches it bounces right off of it.” - Mariella Frostrup 



When we think of The Trampoline it’s all about happiness, laughter, excitement and creating a space of joy, inclusion and acceptance. Each Trampoline garment is a play of fabrics defining a life of breathability, light and airiness that it wants its wearer to be a part of. With any product we create, we want you to savour each thread, and the thought that goes into it. Every collection of ours will take you on a journey. The icy wind gushes past your cheeks on a giant wheel, a cosy picnic with your machas, the smell of the ocean and the sound of waves caressing your feet alongside your beau, the adrenaline goosebumps while jumping on a trampoline. All threads woven together make up for The Trampoline’s finest that washes you over with joy & happiness.

While we are still at our nascent stages, we are fully aware of our responsibility towards the environment and the society as a whole. The Trampoline is a mindfully created brand and is all about creating unique pieces with sustainability at its heart. For us the process is as important as the product. Our story is collectively shared with all the makers whose efforts make a beautiful endowment. Our fabrics are sourced from the artisanal community in Rajasthan who print the story of Trampoline. All our garments are handcrafted in our hometown, Coimbatore with thoughtful detailing before it completes its journey in your wardrobe, ready to be a part of your story. 

It gestures a shift from fast fashion to ethical choices and sustainable living. At present ethical fashion is no longer a choice but a necessity. At The Trampoline, we strive towards reducing waste and using eco-friendly methods of crafting garments. We also use artisanal led technique of Hand Block printing to create our natural fabrics. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable. We use compostable mailers and reusable cloth bags. We also operate on minimal inventory, eliminating over production and wastage. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to uphold the highest ethical and environmental standards.