Collection: Petrichor 🌦️

Ah, rainy days!🌧️ This is the time to let your hair loose and get drenched barefoot, crave for hot pakodas and steaming cups of cutting chai.☕ With our trusty umbrella in hand we head out, relishing the earthy aroma that fills the air.🍃 Also who can resist the temptation of piping hot Molaga Bajjis, crispy and spicy, perfectly complementing the rainy ambiance? 🌶

Get ready to dance in the rain with our playful ✨“Petrichor”✨ inspired collection! We’ve bottled up the magic of that post rain scent & infused it into our vibrant and colourful garments. It is the time to jump in puddles, cosy up with a book by the window, and savor the simple joy of being alive. 🌧

This collection displays a versatile palette that reflects the tones of monsoon season.☔ Well suited for a day out under the umbrella, or on a lazy day making some pakodas with cutting chai or just on your couch watching your comfort series under a blanket. 📺We bring in this season with a collection featuring fun and comfortable pieces as well as fabric known for exquisite quality and endurance. Each fabric is hand-blocked with the finest quality craftsmanship encouraging both breathability and coziness. 🍃

Picture yourself twirling under the cloudy sky, feeling the droplets of water on your skin, and inhaling that delightful earthy fragrance. 🌸 Our collection is like a joyful celebration of Petrichor, with prints that mirror the colourful raindrops pattern on wet flowers petals, leaves & puddles. From twirly dresses to comfy co-ords, we’ve got you covered for those spontaneous rain drenched adventures.☔ Embrace the carefree spirit of Petrichor and let our clothing be your dancing partner in every downpour. Let’s splash, laugh and make fun memories together.🌦