Collection: Feelin' Hot ☀️

Summer is the echo of fun, laughter and endless memories. 🫶 It is the time to relax, run barefoot on the beach with sweat trickling down the back, gorge on mangoes, and sip pina colada. The hot sun feels good and a cool dip in the pool or sea is a whiff of freshness that brings blissful relief in summers. 🌊

Our collection, Feelin' Hot centres Summer charm and memories from the past. Getting lost in the sound of birds and crickets, in-between play games and drinking fresh elaneer help calm our senses. The soul of Summer happiness breathes in our collection Feelin' Hot. 🌤️

This collection displays a versatile palette that reflects the tones of Summer. Well suited for brunch with fam, licking ice lollies, a stroll in the farm, summer get together or just a lazy day on the beach.🍦 We bring in this season with a collection featuring fun and exciting pieces as well as fabric known for their exquisite quality & endurance. Each fabric is hand-blocked with the finest quality craftsmanship encouraging both breathability and cosiness.

With the design aesthetic driven by longevity, comfort and craftsmanship we seek to give you a piece and experience where new age meets old school.