Collection: Getaway πŸš™

Any Indian Getaway is like a Bollywood blockbuster on wheels!πŸŽ‘πŸš™ Picture this: We kickstart the trip with a Shotgun Express game to decide who gets the front seat in the car and then buying snacks on the way while reminiscing about school days. πŸŽ’ Upon arriving at their rustic cottage, we waste no time in changing into comfy shirts and shorts and firing up the barbecue. While we savoured the meal, we indulged in kulfi, the taste transporting us back to the days when they'd run after the kulfiwala's cart on sweltering summer afternoons in cute dresses. β˜€οΈπŸŒ»

As the sun dipped below the aasman, we settled in for a movie night, projecting an old classic onto a white sheet strung up between two trees. Sipping hot chocolate, we wrapped ourselves in blankets, much like the cocoon we'd create for our secret midnight adventures as children. 🌀️

In the corner of the cottage, we found an old cassette tape player- a relic from our childhoods. πŸ“Ό We laughed as we played our mixtapes from years gone by, dancing in our comfy pants to the tunes that once defined us.Β 

As the night wore on, we fell asleep to the soothing sounds of the breeze and the lull of the lake with hearts full of joy. 🌊

We bring in this season with a collection featuring fun and comfortable pieces as well as fabric known for exquisite quality and endurance. Each fabric is hand-blocked with the finest quality craftsmanship encouraging both breathability and cosiness. πŸƒ

This collection is your ticket to a wardrobe that's as thrilling as your next trip. As you pack your bags, you can't help but smile at the thought of colourful mix of outfits. From the friend who's always ready for a spontaneous photoshoot with their boho-chic maxi dress to the one who brings the party in their mini skirt, and let's not forget the friend who insists on a different costume for every activity – from hiking to hitting the local dance floor. This collection is a celebration of friendship and fashion. 🎑🌻