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In the heart of summer, where the sun kisses the ocean and... 

 “Joy acts like a trampoline, everything that touches it bounces right back off of it” - Mariella Frostrup

At The Trampoline, we

  • source ethically

    The entirety of our fabric is sourced from handblock artisans, thereby making sure we contribute to the local community we purchase from

  • produce responsibly

    Our garments are made in our hometown, Coimbatore, with utmost care to eliminate mass production and minimise wastage. 

  • prioritise comfort

    Every piece of ours is mindfully curated with 100% fine cotton, thereby ensuring breathability, longevity and utmost comfort.

Get to know us!

The Trampoline was started by colleagues Raghavi, Rukaiya, and Srada with a vision to create a brand that caters to everyday wardrobe needs of men and women.